Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Thing #22

Nings are social networks that are used in a professional setting.I think that this could be a great resource when collaborating with others. It is a great tool to be able to share and getting ideas from others. I explored teacherlingo which is a great tool to know and explore in the field of education!

Thing #23

I had a great time exploring the 23 Things! This was a great tool to learn about different this that can be used in the library and the classroom.I learned so many things. I was able to understand somethings that I head seen before but never truly understood. I hope to and plan to use many of these things in the future.

This program has assisted me in continuing to see how technology can be used in so many different ways.

I was really surprised at the free software that is compatible to Microsoft Office.
What could we do differently to improve upon this program’s format or concept?

I just wish that I had more time to explore each thing. I think that it would also be a great idea to present information for either the midterm or final presentation to use one of the things explored in the setting.

ONE WORD:Endless

Thing #20

Write a post for Thing #20 about your video finds and the value of having access to so many video resources. Embed at least one of the videos you selected into your post.

I think YouTube and TeacherTube are great resources to use in the library and classroom. It is a great tool that encourage learners through many visual learning too that can reach more learners in a new way. I found a video that would be great to practice sight words. This is a great transition video that can be used to review words in the classroom.

Thing #19

This tool is special because Web 2.0 Awards List has a variety of tools that can be used in the Library and in the classroom. The tools listed on the Awards List can integrate technology and make learning fun. However, some of these some of the tools may not be able to be accessed at school.

Comiqs, is a great tool that can be used in the library to retell stories. Librarians can use this tool to promote books books that can get students interested in reading. Through the use of images and a comic book style layout can make using this site fun. In my own setting this can be a great scrap booking and keeping up with thoughts and memories. Its just a fun tool!

Thing #18

Ok, I love Open Office! This a great tool that can be used throughout the education field. I personally like this tool because users are allowed to create documents that is compatible on any computer and its FREE!!!! I have been a MAC user and PC has not always been my first choice. I have been challenged to buy software to be able to complete assignments. A site like this makes creating, similar to Microsoft Office.

When purchasing computers adding Word Processing and things found in Microsoft Office can be expensive (it is not included software) and is usually offered only through a trial period. Students can use this resource at home and at school, cutting the cost of software for schools. Disadvantages might include whether or not its as accessible to all audiences. It also a tool that is not as popular as Microsoft Office, so getting users involved could be a challenge.

Love it!

Thing #17

Wow! This thing was exciting. I thought this was a cool tool to utilize searches more effectively. Being able to find something or a topic that is being searched for quickly can save a lot of time. Teachers and librarians must have a great way of saving time and using this tool can do that.

I created a search engine geared for Kindergarten resources. It is what I am currently teaching and is something that I can continue to use in the coming year. Here is my site.

Thing #16

Wiki's can be used in many different ways. I think that in the classroom that teachers can be used in a way for resources for teachers, parents, and staff. I think that teachers can use Wiki's for lesson plans and other tools to get ideas for lessons. I published my thoughts about 23 Things on the Spring Branch ISD Wiki, or sandbox, describing my experience while utilizing the Wiki.

Teachers can use Wiki's to get information out to student's, parent's, and community. A wiki can be a great way to inform parents of what is going on in the classroom. A wiki can allow parents the opportunity to ask questions and update information.

Although I have been familiar with Wiki's I am sad to say that may of my fellow teachers are unaware of Wiki's. I think that it is unfortunate because it is a great resource that can be utilized by users in a quick and easy way.